The Danger of Tooth Abscesses

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Abscesses are small swollen areas in the mouth. It is often found along the gum line and is a result from a crack in the tooth, or an infected pulp. This should be treated as soon as detected. There are different dangers that can come from abscesses; they can be found below.

Abscess can lead to tooth loss. This does not always mean that the teeth fall off; most of the time, dentists have to do the pulling out of teeth so that the abscesses can be treated. This is a painful process but is almost inevitable if the abscesses are left untreated.

Another possible complication that can stem out from abscesses is that they can lead to problems with the jaw bone. Infections can happen often and the severity is uncertain. The worst that it can do is reached the patient’s jaw bone and start decaying the bone. Once this happens, surgery is needed and additional support should be given.

If the bones can be infected, there is also a possibility that the surrounding soft tissues can be damaged as well. Abscesses can damage tissues in the mouth and cheeks. This creates some thinness of the walls of the mouth. Some dentists Los Angeles CA has also say that even the tissues on the throat can easily be affected. This causes fever and infection. The result is a muffled voice and a protruding tongue.

If still left untreated, the abscess can develop in the brain. According to dentists Los Angeles CA has, the abscesses can slowly start from the mouth and move to the nasal cavity. This is extremely near the brain and can easily get infected. Aside from this way, blood can also be infected so it translates around the body faster. When it comes up to the brain, major surgery and medication are the only methods of correcting it. Even after that, it does not ensure success for the patient.

Simple abscesses in the mouth can lead to different problems. Sometimes it can be simple problems that dentists Los Angeles CA provides can correct in a single session. If left untreated, though, it can lead to a major problem that can even cause fatality.



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The Danger of Tooth Abscesses

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The Danger of Tooth Abscesses

This article was published on 2011/10/08